Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 172 – Goosebumps

Video Edition:

Audio Edition:

Jack Black-tember has come to a close, but we’re using this final week to bridge the gap to our Listeners’ Choice Halloween.

This week, Jack Black leads an all-star cast in 2015’s Goosebumps. Co-starring Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, and Amy Ryan, this film sees a young man and his mother move to Delaware (yay?) after the death of his father for a fresh start.

Unknowingly, they move next door to R.L. Stine who has mysterious secrets that could destroy the entire town if he’s not careful.

Next week we get into our Listener’s Choice Halloween! Voting is still open and will close at 11:59 Saturday October 1st! Go to https://forms.gle/tJw4k6a8rT1W7H2C9  to get your vote in today!

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