Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 143 – Teen Wolf (1985)

This week, the fur and the conspiracy theories go FLYING as we dig into this week’s wild and wooly advertised content for our annual March Madness sports block.

This week The Plotaholics visit Beacon Town, Nebraska in the 1985 sports fantasy comedy Teen Wolf, which features Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, BOOOOOOOOF, Stiles, Pamela, Mick, and grouchy old dude.

In this film, average teenager, Scott (Fox), deciding he doesn’t want to be average anymore, has his prayers answered when it turns out he’s a werewolf. He goes on to be able to play basketball, and becomes popular but it comes at a cost. When the big basketball game comes up, he has to make a decision to be true to himself and ignore someone with their pants down.

The laughs fly high in this episode, so stop reading and start listening to The Plotaholics review Teen Wolf!

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