Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 134 – Soul Man

We here at The Plotaholics Podcast are excited to be going into our 4th year of existence! We would like to thank everyone of you who have listened or reviewed or commented or emailed for making this past year our best one best yet!

For those that know, we like to dedicate January to an amazing decade for film: the 80s. However, we wanted to do something a little different this year while still sticking with this tradition. So, this January, our 80s film programming will involve some of the most controversial films of the decade!

We begin with 1986s Soul Man, starring Ponyboy Curtis, or C. Thomas Howell, if you want to be particular.

In this film, Howell plays Mark Watson, a rich kid whose father has decided not to pay his way into Harvard Law School. So what does Mark decide to do? What every rich white kid in the 80s would do! Go into black face and take a full scholarship intended for black students!

This film is still pretty divisive to this day. Filmmaker Spike Lee famously slammed this film and its black actors on The Dick Cavett Show. Was he right? Or was he off-base?

Bryan and Shane give their thoughts on this week’s advertised content, Soul Man!

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