Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 119 – Dogma

This week’s episode begins on a somber note as we reflect on the loss of someone very near and dear to the Plotaholics family.

This episode is dedicated to the great Erik Kristopher Myers, the writer and director of Butterfly Kisses and unofficial “4th Plotaholic.” Rest in peace, dear friend.

In this week’s advertised content, the guys continue Kevin Smith-tember as they  discuss the 1999 Comedy/Fantasy film Dogma, starring:

  • Ben Affleck (at his best) and Matt Damon as fallen angels Bartleby and Loki, 
  • Salma Hayek as the criminally under-used Serendipity, 
  • Chris Rock as the thirteenth apostle, Rufus, 
  • Jason Lee as Azrael the demon, and 
  • Linda Fiorentino as the formerly devout Catholic enduring a crisis of faith who works at an abortion clinic. 

The guys break it all down with their typically distracted conversation.

Bryan also watched Shang-Chi over the weekend! He has thoughts!

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