Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 98 – Hamlet 2

This week, we had to call an audible!

We were planning to do one movie, but there’s no point in PAYING for a film when its going to be available on your subscription streaming service in just one week!

So this week we’re doing Hamlet 2. Yes. Hamlet 2.

This Steve Coogan film tells the story of actor (?), Dana Marschz, who has shifted to being a high school drama teacher. When big budget cuts come down from the school board, he must try to save the arts! To do so, he makes the choice to write a musical: Hamlet 2.

There’s literally nothing else I can say about this film. At all. In this episode, The Plotaholics (sadly) are whisked away to the magical (?) world of….Tucson, Arizona for Hamlet 2!

Other topics of discussion:

  • Smiley the bartender contract disputes
  • Wrestle Buddies pillows
  • Sifl & Olly
  • Some Marvel stuff, probably
  • Some musical stuff, probably

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