Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 94 – BASEketball

This week we say goodbye to our annual block of sports films. Dry your eyes.

To ring in the end, we’ve decided to jump in our time machine and go back to the magical age of 1998 to visit the David Zucker film BASEketball starring those guys from that show on that network, women from Playboy, Snake Plisken’s driver, the villain of Superman III, and a bunch of other people that showed up that day (we guess). 

In this film, childhood friends Joe Cooper (Trey Parker), and Doug Remer (Matt Stone) are slackers that invent a new game that becomes the hottest game in the country. 

When Cooper becomes the owner of the team, and essentially the league, rival team owner Baxter Cain (Robert Vaughn) drives a wedge between the friends that threatens the league.

So much silliness. So many jokes that have not aged well, but it’s still a fun movie. Right? Right?

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