Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 83 – Real Genius

This week the Plotaholics remain in the 1980s as they pick apart a film about when a young Bruce Wayne and a young Rachael Maddow went to college that one time and learned under Walter Peck about how to build a laser beam for Captain Knauer.

That’s right! We are talking the 1985 film, Real Genius–starring Val Kilmer, Gabriel Jarret, Jon Gries, and William Atherton. 

This film is a pretty straight forward college angst film complete with 4 montages and a partridge AND a pear tree. Have fun because next week is going to be a Hum and/or Dinger!

Random topics of conversation:

  • Can you pop popcorn with a laser?
  • Nickelodeon is broadcasting the NFL complete with virtual slime cannons!
  • Steelers/ Browns!

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