Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 79 – Gremlins

The Plotaholics holiday continues as Shane and Bryan dig into the 1984 holiday classic that is, sadly, not the movie they wanted it to be.

They wanted Gremlins to be a one-woman-war against reptilian monsters. Instead they got a film about a man-child who gets Howie Mandel in a furry costume. Not only that, but this furry is part vampire, has horrible personal hygiene, and has strange dietary restrictions. This adult child receives this Howie Mandel monster as a Christmas gift from his father who may, or may not (but probably does), solicit individuals in Chinatown back alleys.

It’s the 1984 holiday classic Gremlins, written by Christopher Columbus (no…not THAT Christopher Columbus) and directed by Joe Dante.

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