Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 78 – Batman Returns

The Plotaholics Holidays are in full swing! This week, Shane and Bryan go back to the final city on Earth in 1992–Tim Burton’s gothic circus vision of Gotham City.

In this Tim Burton classic, Christopher Walken joins forces with the son of a millionaire industrialist (and horrible parent) in a fiendish plot to build power plant designed to provide MORE POWER to Gotham. But Walken’s Max Shreck is a dirty liar. His power plant will really be draining Gotham’s power. *Gasp*

Along the way he shoves Michelle Pfeiffer out of a window. She’s bitten by a bunch of radioactive cats, becomes a leather-bound dominatrix, and falls in love with Bruce Wayne.

Yes. We’re talking the 1992 Tim Burton feature, Batman Returns!

Other topics of conversation:

  • That time Adam West played Batman and Bruce Wayne having a phone conversation.
  • Batmobile turn radius
  • Batsuit turn radius
  • How Bat-bonkers crazy this entire movie is
  • Christopher Walken in Joe Dirt
  • Pennifred William Herman

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