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The Plotaholics 2020 Halloween Streaming Guide

It goes without saying that Halloween is going to look a little different this year. With fewer activities scheduled for groups due to the ongoing pandemic, many of us will be looking for things to do inside. With that in mind, the Plotaholics are proud to present their Halloween 2020 Streaming Guide.

In this first part of the Halloween 2020 Streaming Guide, Bryan Tann takes a look at some streamings spookiest offerings.

The Strain (Hulu)

This amazing horror television series originates from the novel series by Chuck Hogan and writer/director Guillermo Del Toro. The television series stars Corey Stoll (Ant-Man) as Doctor Ephraim “Eph” Goodweather. Doctor Goodweather is called into JFK airport after a Boeing 777 lands with everyone on board seemingly dead–that is, until individuals awaken a short time later to shocking results.

This book/television series takes the vampire genre to a much creepier and scarier place as it combines viral zombie-like terror with the vampire genre. It’s amazing! I would definitely suggest, out of all four seasons, to give the series’ second episode, which guest stars Sean Astin, a major watch because it really builds on the world-building of the first episode, and it is just terrifying.

Night of the Living Dead (HBO Max)

You can NEVER go wrong with the OG of the modern zombie apocalypse genre. Released in 1968, it is still a tense film with brilliant social commentary (like all Romero films) that feels just as relevant now as it did before, you cannot go wrong putting this film on at night, turning off the lights and curling up with some popcorn. Join a group of people from different walks of life hunkered together as a horde of the undead seeks their flesh.

Night of the Demons (Amazon Prime)

This 1988 horror classic still scares the holy hell out of me to this day. It’s sexy, dark, and absolutely terrifying. While those that were involved in this film have behaved in an atrocious manner over social media within the last few years, this is still a film that can be enjoyed–especially if you enjoy 80s horror. Join high school students partying in an abandoned funeral home as their host, Angela, summons demons from the depths of Hell.

Butterfly Kisses (Amazon Prime)

This found footage/documentary film is among my new favorite horror films to come out in the last decade. It’s smart. It’s fun. And one thing that really makes this movie terrifying is that it’s 100% believable. Butterfly Kisses tells the story of filmmaker Gavin York and his decent into madness as he grows obsessed with an incomplete film school project about local urban legend, Peeping Tom.

Listen to our conversation with the writer/ director of this film, Erik Kristopher Myers, here.

The Addams Family (Netflix)

They’re creepy and they’re cooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky. The Addams Family. There’s literally nothing I can say about this early 90s film based on the 1930’s comic strip, and 60s television show of the same name. This is among the first of acting great Raul Julia’s final three films before his untimely death due to stomach cancer. In this film, Uncle Fester (Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd) has been gone for decades. After his return, the family has some doubts about him, and the odd Dr. Pindershloss.


I cannot wait until next year for my next group of picks for Halloween. We’ve just finished the Plotaholics Viewer’s Choice Halloween for 2020, so make sure you check out our latest episodes!

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