Plotaholics Podcast, Bonus Episode – Butterfly Kisses (w/ Erik Kristopher Myers)

In this very special bonus episode of The Plotaholics Podcast, we sit down with writer/director/actor Erik Kristopher Myers to discuss his film, Butterfly Kisses.

Butterfly Kisses is a high-concept found footage horror film that serves as much as a deconstruction of that genre as it does an example of the genre. Butterfly Kisses tells the story of Gavin Yorke, an aspiring filmmaker who finds a box of tapes containing the raw footage of a student film from years ago. The footage attempts to prove/ disprove the existence of local urban legend, Peeping Tom. Yorke becomes fixated on proving that the contents of the tape are legitimate, and he hires a documentary crew to follow his pursuits. What follows is a joy to watch–especially for fans of the slow-burn, found footage genre. 

Other random topics of discussion:

  • The slow but undeniable death march of the cinematic experience through a wasteland rendered by a global pandemic.
  • What the hell is Disney doing with Star Wars?
  • Can anyone save us from a Mandalorian finale that includes a de-aged Mark Hamill?
  • How will the death of the cinematic experience change our expectations for big brands like Marvel?
  • How is being in a band like being the director of a film?

Sit back, relax, and let The Plotaholics introduce you to the Internet’s angry step-grand-uncle who, as it turns out, is a very pleasant guy. 

2 comments on “Plotaholics Podcast, Bonus Episode – Butterfly Kisses (w/ Erik Kristopher Myers)

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