Listeners’ Choice Halloween 2020

Hey there, Plotaholics. Shane here with the rundown on this year’s Listeners’ Choice Halloween series.

If you’re new to the podcast, here is the gist: each October, Bryan and I curate a list of horror films and then give listeners the opportunity to vote on the films they want us to cover during our Halloween programming on the podcast during October.

Last year, we voted on each week separately–dividing films into horror sub-genres. This year, we’ve compiled 20 films for you. From that list of 20, you vote for your four favorites, and on September 29, we will announce the top four overall choices. These four films will comprise our October podcast offerings, so be sure to make your voice heard!

Your list of twenty films (VOTE HERE):

Vote soon! The films with the most votes will be announced on September 29. Tune in to The Plotaholics LIVE on that day to hear the announcement.

Until next time, be sure to follow us all over the web!

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