Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 60 – The Room

The Plotaholics wrap up the summer with a deep dive on Tommy Wiseau and his tour de force, The RoomThe Room is a simple story about a banking professional named Johnny (Wiseau) and his wife-to-be, Lisa (Julliette Danielle). Everything seems to be going well for Johnny–he’s up for a big promotion at the bank, after all–but Lisa seduces his best friend, Mark.

Much of our conversation this week centers on how villainous Lisa is as a character. She fabricates domestic abuse, she fabricates a pregnancy, and she cheats on her betrothed with his best friend while fully intending on still marrying him. 

It’s a soap opera of the most derivative kind, but it is so damn enjoyable. How does The Room–a film that by all accounts does not work on any level–become a cult classic? What is it about this movie that makes it so fun to watch? 

The Plotaholics reach the end of Shitty Movie Summer with the most perplexing entry in the collection. The Room might be the most fun movie we’ve watched. But why?

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