Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 56 – Samurai Cop

Our second block of Shitty Movie Summer has begun! It’s now Shane Wilson’s turn to contribute and he comes out swinging for the fences with 1991’s Samurai Cop!

In this cult-classic G-movie, the ‘Samurai Cop’ Joe Marshall, who has been trained by ‘the masters’ in Japan, is a tough cop from San Diego who is in LA to help capture the fledgling but dangerous Katana Gang.

This film stars The Maniac Cop, Joe Cordell, aka Robert Z’Dar (RIP) as our top-billed baddie who isn’t even the main character, and Matt Hannon, aka Matt Karedas as our title character, Samurai Cop. This film has it all: awkward sexual innuendos, casual cultural appropriation, pseudo casual racism/stereotyping, not one but two token stereotype characters, and a creepy blue van.

Yes. This early 90s cult gem has it all. So sit back and listen to the Plotaholics discuss Samurai Cop!

Other topics of discussion:

  • Bryan is binging The Goldbergs!
  • Shane is watching Unsolved Mysteries!

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