Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 54 – Class of 1999

Shitty Movie Summer is graduating! This week, we visit 1999 via a 1990 film that imagines dystopian future where Free Fire Zones run rampant as violent youth gangs have taken over several major American cities with weapons that…wait…where the hell did they get those anyway?

Either way, the 1990 Dystopian Sci-Fi film Class of 1999 is our advertised content for this week. The film stars Bradley Gregg, Traci Lind, Malcolm McDowell, and Stacy Keach. 

In this film the Department of Educational Defense enlists three android teachers to teach at the dreaded Kennedy High School in Seattle. Unfortunately for the students and the other faculty, the teachers decide that the best path to knowledge is war. 

Co-starring film legend Pam Grier, this is a film that’s going to show you a different side of yoga pants and compulsory education!

Other random topics of discussion:

  • Terminators! Predators! Androids! Cyborgs!
  • Live news bloopers!
  • Police sketch artists!

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