Fandoms United!

Earlier this week, The Plotaholics’ own Bryan Tann posted an impassioned plea for more understanding and less hate in the Star Wars fandom. You can read his article here. In that article, Bryan said that the toxic rhetoric of a Star Wars Facebook group had driven him away from said group. He said he would consider starting his own group where racist and bigoted language would not be tolerated.

So, The Plotaholics braintrust kicked into gear. What we’ve come up with is the following: an all-inclusive, anti-racist, anti-bigot, anti-hate speech Facebook group called Fandoms United.

Fandoms United wants to provide a space in which we can all celebrate our fandoms–no matter what they might be–without the worry that something will be hijacked by a hateful and toxic subsect of that fandom.

The group description reads: Welcome to Fandoms United–a group sponsored by The Plotaholics. Here, you can feel free to celebrate any fandom you belong to in a safe space that celebrates diversity in media and rejects bigotry in all its forms. We seek to elevate, amplify and celebrate BIPOC and LGBTQIA voices in media. We believe that diversity in media is not only important but essential.

If you are interested in joining the private group, petition for membership here:

We will talk with you soon!

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