Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 52 – No Holds Barred

In this week’s episode of The Plotaholics Podcast, we want to say, we’re sorry. We’re truly, truly sorry for this week’s movie selection.

This is an instance where just because we COULD do a shitty movie, it doesn’t we should have done THIS shitty movie.

This week’s advertised content is 1989’s No Hold’s Barred, starring Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea as Rip Hunter–WWF World Heavyweight Champion–and his Herculean (?) struggle against the evil network executive Brell, who wants Rip to wrestle on his network. 

To punish Rip for spurning his advances, Brell develops his own brand of wrestling and turns its champion Zeus, played by Tom Lister (poor Deebo was pulled into this), loose on him. 

Misogyny and casual racism are put into the blender with some 80s cheese in this classic (nightmare) Hulk Hogan film!

How many shots does this film earn? Let’s just say…there were ‘no holds barred’ in our review!

Other topics of discussion on this week’s episode:

  • The Batman-inspired 1990s film franchise and 2000s Sci-Fi television series, Black Scorpion, starring Joan Severance, Hogan’s co-star in this week’s film
  • The prevalence of soft-core pornography on premium cable networks in the 90s
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s on-screen charisma and Hogan’s lack thereof

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