Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 40 – Happy Gilmore

Sports are gone. It sucks. But here on The Plotaholics Podcast, the March Movie Madness is going strong!

This week we explore the 1996 Adam Sandler comedy classic, Happy Gilmore! In Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler plays a lovable, aggressive joke of a hockey player that has a talent for driving golf balls over 400 yards–a talent he discovers just in time to play his way onto the pro tour in a bid to save his grandmother’s home from repossession by the IRS due to unpaid taxes.

Happy makes plenty of enemies on his rise to the topi including Bob Barker and Shooter McGavin–the cartoonish golfer that has an interesting breakfast diet. 

There may not be sports for a while, but there will always be sports movies…hopefully.

Other notes:

  • We hope you are staying safe and practicing social distancing these next two weeks as effectively as you’re able to. Be sure to stay on top of the most recent information regarding COVID-19 at the websites for the CDC and the WHO. 
  • We hope you’ll make plans to join us on March 29, 2020 LIVE on YouTube for our one-year anniversary celebration. It will be our first live video broadcast of the podcast, and we will be discussing Rocky

Thank you for letting The Plotaholics keep you company during these uncertain times. Let’s continue to laugh together about the pop culture we all love!

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