Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 37 – Once Bitten

The Plotaholics discuss Jim Carrey's first leading role in the 1985 vampire-comedy, ONCE BITTEN.

This week, the Plotaholics dig into Jim Carrey’s first leading role in the 1985 vampire-comedy, Once Bitten. In this film, Carrey plays Mark, a high school virgin whose girlfriend, Robin (Karen Kopins) is just not going to be having sex with him anytime soon.

Mark teams up with his buddies, and they venture into the big, bad city of Hollywood (in an ice cream truck, no less) to try to get lucky. It is here that Mark meets the Countess (Lauren Hutton)–a beautiful vampire who must feed on the blood of a virgin three times before Halloween is over, or risk losing her ageless looks.

Once Bitten is charming and incredibly dated. See how Shane and Bryan feel about Carrey’s turn as the angsty teenage vampire.

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