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Hulu Offers First Look at HIGH FIDELITY Series in New Trailer

Today, we got our first peek at the Hulu adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel, High Fidelity. Peep this trailer!

Long-time listeners of The Plotaholics Podcast will remember that we covered the John Cusack cinematic adaptation of High Fidelity back in our Summer of Cusack. I love love LOVE that film, so I was worried about another adaptation.

I started coming around, though, when the news broke that Zoe Kravitz was attached to play a re-imagined, female version of the lead character, Rob. I’ve always been interested in this story from a woman’s perspective, so I’m here for it.

Kravitz has everything to pull this off, so I feel like one of my all-time favorite pop culture properties is in good hands here. The rest of the cast features David H. Holmes, Jake Lacy, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Rainbow Francks, and friend of the show, Alyssa Kempinski.

The tone of the trailer is both familiar and fresh. It feels a lot like the film–with Kravtiz’s character breaking the fourth wall and cashier being rude to customers–but there is a newness to this version as well. Kravitz can’t help but bring her own swagger to the game, and that means her brand of self-loathing should feel much different than what Cusack gave us in the film.

This Plotaholic is pumped.

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