Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 27 – Bad Santa

We finish up our Holiday season film fest with this 27th episode of The Plotaholics Podcast which is dedicated to 2003’s irreverent holiday classic (?) Bad Santa. Bad Santa features an all-star cast that includes Billy Bob Thornton (aka Mr. Angelina Jolie #1), Bernie Mac (RIP), John Ritter (RIP), Lauren Graham, Cloris Leachman, Tony Cox (Friday‘s Mr. Parker), and Lauren Tom (aka Julie, the better girlfriend of Ross from Friends). 

In this film, Willie Stokes (Thornton) is a miserable, alcoholic thief disguised as a mall Santa along with his partner Marcus (Cox) as his elf. The two work a mall, then rob said mall on Christmas Eve. This time around Willie meets the strange child, Thurman Merman (Brett Kelley), and Sue, a bartender with a Santa fetish (Graham). 

The foul-mouthed, heavy drinking Willie has a battle with his conscience with the new individuals in his life. Will he be able to do the right thing on Christmas Eve? Will Shane be able to stomach this film? Will Bryan be able to finish the movie despite rewatching one scene over and over?

Listen and find out!


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