Plotaholics LIVE: The Skywalker Saga

In case you missed it, join The Plotaholics with special guest Joe Compton (Goindienow) as they slice and dice their way through the Star Wars cinematic universe. Where do we begin? A NEW HOPE? Do we go ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING and start with the FOURTH film, Episode I?

Let’s discuss all of our disappointments (Darth Maul, Pod Racing, Jar Jar, Floating Leia, Porgs, Ewoks) and all of our favorite moments (Han shot first! Kamikaze space transport! Let the old ways die!). We will dig into the mythos and the lore and decide once and for all if George Lucas is a genius or if Disney has ruined the snow by peeing in it.

Will there be room for Baby Yoda? Probably. He is so small, after all.

Get ready for THE RISE OF SKYWALKER with The Plotaholics!


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