Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 25 – Die Hard

It is that time of year when the snow falls (if you live in the proper climate), and you cuddle up with your loved ones with egg nog (eww), hot chocolate, or apple cider to watch a Christmas classic as the epilepsy lights flash on the artificial tree in the corner.

Yes, kiddies. Cuddle up and watch the Christmas Classic (with no question), DIE HARD! The 1988 story-driven, yippie-ki-yay motherfu$king classic that launched Bruce Willis from TV leading man (Moonlighting was such a great series!) and into the stratosphere as an action film juggernaut at a time when action heroes were named Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme, and Norris! This is also the film that brought the amazing Alan “Professor Snape, Metatron, Hans Gruber” Rickman into our loves.

Die Hard is outstanding. It’s so great that the Plotaholics spent a good bit of time talking about all other kinds of craziness before getting into the meat of this film. It’s so good we needed to throw in the filler! There is very little to complain about here.

Oh yeah. We went there. Prepare to Die Hard to the greatest Christmas movie of all time!

Random Topics of Conversation:

  • Our national cinematic history is full of examples of leading men and women who started their acting careers in a specific genre of film and made the crossover. This episode discusses Bruce Willis (obviously), but also Robert Downey Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Heath Ledger. We also speculate on Robert Pattinson’s forthcoming turn as the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’s The Batman.
  • Shane admits to having a weird and unexplainable crush on Kristen Stewart (K-Stew, if you’re nasty). He blames this affinity on her role in the Jesse Eisenberg vehicle, Adventureland (also starring Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig).
  • The guys spend an inordinate amount of time coming up with scenarios for 10 Things I Hate About You fan-fiction. 
  • Also, what if Adam Sandler was an Avenger? Or what if all of Adam Sandler’s characters were cast as different Avengers? 
  • About a month ago, Steve Carrell told Ellen that he thought a better idea than a reboot of The Office would be taking the cast of The Office and rebooting other shows. His suggestion: Cheers. The Plotaholics offer some of their own suggestions: Star Trek, Third Rock from the Sun, The Wonder Years, and so forth.
  • Finally, what makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie? And is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We finally get around to the advertised content at around 33 minutes in, so feel free to skip ahead if you are a curmudgeon who dislikes shenanigans and revelry. 


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