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Disney+ Original, THE MANDALORIAN, Drops an Adorable Bombshell in Its Debut

*This post contains spoilers for Episode 1 of The Mandalorian.

A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away…

A mysterious new platform of entertainment arrived. On this day, it brought with it something masterful. Something powerful. Something really f$@king cool!

That’s right folks, it’s Bryan Tann, and I’m about to sing the praises of the Disney+ original, The Mandalorian.

Chapter 1

The opening scene of The Mandalorian took me right back to the very first time I watched A New Hope. Specifically, I was reminded of the first glimpses inside the Mos Eisley Cantina, which is one of the most epic moments in cinema, at least in my opinion. It sets up this dark, gritty, science fiction form of a Western.

Sadly, the Star Wars films did not show us much of this seedy underworld. Sure, we got some glimpses in Attack of the Clones (and the less we talk about that the better), and they attempted to show more of that aspect of the galaxy in Solo¸ but somehow, it just wasn’t the same. The Mandalorian creator, Jon Favreau, has successfully brought that gritty feel of the Mos Eisley Cantina back to life with a fury in the opening scene to “Chapter 1.”

This opening scene sets the tone for what the show is going to be: it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be gritty, and it’s going to have a bad ass character that’s going to finally give the Mandalorian race its rightful claim to its ‘Bad Ass’ status among the casual Star Wars fans. We die-hards know how bad ass the Mandalorian race are. Now it’s time for everyone else to see it too.

I won’t lie: when I saw Carl, “Apollo Creed, Chubs Peterson, Dillon, Action Jackson,” Weathers, I marked out like a wrestling fan in Chicago chanting for CM Punk. I went off! His screen time wasn’t great, but he owned every single second. This man has a screen presence that isn’t given near enough credit by anyone, me included, and that’s a shame.

When our titular character meets with Greef Karga-Creed, he accepts a job from ‘The Client’ played impressively by Werner Herzog to capture a “being of interest.” While on his mission he meets moisture farmer, Kuill who establishes his own catch-phrase pretty quickly: “I have spoken.” Now, I cannot get Nick Nolte saying this out of my head, and I now use this as a means to win even the most minor of disagreements at home. I’ll let you know how that works when I’m finally off punishment.

“I have spoken”

Our hero(?) is then directed to a group of mercenaries who have his target well-guarded. It is then that IG-11, a bounty hunter guild droid, arrives. The two realize they are on the same mission and choose to work together. After they’ve kicked some ass, and commandeered some names, we discover that the contract is for the cutest little one you’ve ever seen! I’m talking cute enough to give Gizmo a run for his sweet and cuddly money!

Of course, I’m talking about the Internet’s newest fascination: Baby Yoda.

I seriously cannot find ANYTHING to complain about in this series so far. I have been thanking God for Jon Favreau since 2008 after Iron Man, and I am doing so even more now with this amazing addition into the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian takes any questions fans have had about the future direction of the Star Wars franchise, freezes them in carbonite, and moves on to the next bad-ass mission.

I will be providing weekly coverage of The Mandalorian. This week, I’ll pull double-duty to get us caught up in time for Chapter 3, which will release on Friday.

What do you think of this new series? What about Baby Yoda? Who is that? What do we make of it? So many questions! I’ll see you in the comments.

I have spoken.


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