Dispatch from the Indigo Moon Film Festival

Shane reflects on the Indigo Moon Film Festival

Hey there, Plotaholics! Shane here, and I am fresh off a busy weekend in Fayetteville, NC at the Indigo Moon Film Festival (IMFF).

IMFF was a big deal for us here at The Plotaholics because it was the first time we went boots-on-the-ground into the belly of the beast that is one of these film festivals. Right out of the gate, I want to thank Pat Wright and Jan Johnson (festival founders) for having us. The festival provides a warm and welcoming energy, and that is largely because of Jan and Pat and the team they’ve assembled.

Opening Night Film: The Dog Doc

The weekend kicked off with a screening of The Dog Doc on Friday evening at the Cameo Art House Theatre.

The Dog Doc (documentary feature) tells the story of Doctor Marty Goldstein–a Cornell-educated doctor of veterinary medicine–who has pioneered a kind of hybrid form of treatment, merging traditional, western medicine with alternative therapies. His track record speaks for itself as he has managed to save many dogs that other vets had given up on, but he still struggles to find acceptance in the larger community of animal doctors.

I know we tend to focus on more narrative film making here at The Plotaholics, but I have to recommend this film to you. The Dog Doc is compelling from the opening shot. It isn’t without its oversights–the financial burden of this kind of care, for one–but it is a film full of heart that will leave the toughest among us with a tear on our cheek. That’s me…I was the guy with a tear on his cheek. Though I am far from the toughest.

Brittany Batterton Q&A

Brittany Batterton (Associate Producer) was on hand to field questions during a brief Q&A, and the opening session wrapped up. Then, we were all off to the opening night reception at Sky View on Hay.

Opening Night Reception: Sky View on Hay

We were lucky enough to be able to broadcast live from the opening night reception. That footage will do more for this than anything I can write, so check it:

Indigo Moon Film Festival: Day 2

The second day of the festival was full of film. The festival, in its fourth year, offers screenings on four screens in downtown Fayetteville:

This year’s offerings included an eclectic batch of feature-length films (narrative and documentary) and short films offered in blocks, including a themed block of horror shorts. As is often the case with any sort of festival environment, the choices can be overwhelming, but I was able to catch some of everything. The festival directors really did an amazing job with film selection, and the festival offered a variety of world-views and perspectives.

Director Rit Saraswat during a Q&A after the screening of his short, Traitor.

Indigo Moon Film Festival: Day 3

Day three of the festival is dedicated to the winners. There is a BBQ and award ceremony at noon followed by encore screenings of the award-winning films. This year, the winners in each of the narrative categories were…

Best Narrative Feature: Artik

Best Narrative Short: “In Time”

Best Animation: “Irony”

Student – “Dead Ends”

Documentary Feature – (tie) My Father’s Brothers, Rigged: The Voter Suppression Handbook

Documentary Short – “A Passion of Gold and Fire”

Final Thoughts

I was thrilled to be able to attend the Indigo Moon Film Festival this year. If you get a chance to see any of these films, you owe it to yourself. Also, I’ll be on This Week in Indies this Sunday (10/20/19) with Joe Compton to discuss IMFF and the importance of short films. I’ll post that information on all of our social media outlets once it’s available.


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