JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT: Kevin Smith’s Gift to His Fans

Bryan reviews an advanced screening of the new Kevin Smith film.

What’s going on everyone? Bryan here again, and I have yet another non-spoiler review! I am writing this on October 15th.  I just got out of an advanced screening of Kevin Smith’s latest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. 

Fair warning: if you haven’t watched any of Kevin Smith’s other films, you are going to be completely lost on some of the jokes. Don’t get me wrong: in my opinion, this film is hilarious even if you lack the prior experience with Smith’s films. However, to truly “get” the multitude of inside jokes, it helps to have invested time in viewings of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks 2, Jersey Girl, Yoga Hosers, or even Cop Out (gross). Again, this viewing isn’t necessary, but it will improve the experience of viewing, just a suggestion.  

With that being said, this is a film that had me laughing from start to finish. There is no wasted time, energy, or effort to this movie–not even close.  

Not only did I laugh myself to the point of tears (and coughing) at Smith, Mewes, and our other leads, but the wall-to-wall cameos had me in stitches as well, and they were all amazing in their own rights. Some of the faces you can look forward to spying include Molly Shannon, Craig Robinson, Justin Long, and Pittsburgh’s OWN Joseph Manganiello. Also, All-Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, has a small cameo, and its worthy of a lil bit of bubbly! There are many more, but for the sake of enjoyment I am not going to give anymore. 

Ultimately, this film is truly a testament to the gravitas and clout that Kevin Smith has in the film industry. Or it’s a testament of how he’s guilted people into doing the film after his near-fatal heart attack a few years ago. It could perhaps even be that he mended friendships that he’s lost over the years. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I am just thankful that I am living in a world where Kevin Smith still exists. He’s happier than ever, and his professional and personal relationships are intact enough to get this movie made.

Even with all the hysterics, there is a heartfelt story here. This film truly strikes the right balance, though. The heart is there, but so are the laughs. Smith, again, has done an amazing job of bringing the laughs from his ViewAskewneverse and linking them with the heartfelt story of his lesser loved film Jersey Girl.  

While I was grateful for Smith’s writing and direction, I would be remiss if I didn’t say just how amazing Jason Mewes is in this movie. Think about how great he was as he carried Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and multiply that performance by ten. He’s even better now than he was then. Smith and the rest of the cast truly feed off of his presence and energy, and it’s great that he has gotten himself to this level. He is good enough to perform roles other than Jay, but I am grateful that he also remains true to his roots.  

Mewes brings so much to the more emotional scenes, and it is because of him (and I give him this credit as the lead of this film) that his co-stars have so much to work with and feed off of. Mewes does what the good leading actors do in films; he takes the lead. It starts and begins with him and he does not let down.  

Finally, as this was a pre-screening, it was accompanied by a near seven-minute introduction to the film by Mewes and Smith which was entertaining as well. I do not know if this will be in the actual theatrical release or not. At some point, it will be searchable on YouTube I am sure, it could also be on the future Blu-Ray release, in case you miss it. But it is absolutely worth seeing.

For Smith fans, this film is a solid entry into the ViewAskewniverse canon. I am a Kevin Smith fan–a die-hard Kevin Smith fan. Earlier I said that there is no wasted energy in this film, and I stand by that. There was, however, one part that I was laughing at only out of loyalty to Smith and not because I absolutely enjoyed it. The editing of the film however cuts this part of the movie short, and moves on which I was grateful for. 

With that being said, I give Jay and Silent Bob Reboot a 2-shot rating for outstanding callbacks, hilarious fun, dialogue, acting, and heart. The one weak part of this film happens in the third act. It’s not horrible, I just felt like it went on a little too long.  

Is this film Smith’s best ever? No. That honor is reserved for his first film Clerks and its sequel Clerks 2. Is this film Smith’s best work since Clerks 2? Aboslutely. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a worthy continuation of his ViewAskewneverse and holds its own against those heavyweights in comedy. Seeing this film has me even more excited for the recently announced Clerks 3 and the return of Jeffrey Anderson (Randal Graves) to the fun.  

In closing, before seeing this film, I would suggest that you brush up on your ViewAskewneverse viewing, and then snooch to tha mutha fuckin’  nooch!    

You KNOW I had to hit the merch table!


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