Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 17 – The Evil Dead

In this first episode of the Plotaholics Listeners’ Choice Halloween, Shane and Bryan dissect the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead as well as the 2013 remake.

It’s an episode of two films! Well, really, there are three films discussed here because, as a bonus, the guys discuss their thoughts on 2019’s Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. Yes, this episode has a little of everything!

On to the advertised content:

The original The Evil Dead(1981) stands on a hallowed Mount Rushmore of Horror and stars Bruce Campbell as the hapless Ash–a young man stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere when passages of the Book of the Dead are recited to resurrect a Candarian Demon.

The 2013 remake finds a group of family and friends in an isolated cabin attempting to enact a cold-turkey detox of Mia, when a hapless and idiotic nitwit decides to read from a book that has every single footnote available that says “DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!’


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