Plotaholics Podcast, Bonus Episode – The Velocipastor w/ Alyssa Kempinski

The Plotaholics interview one of the stars of The Velocipastor, Alyssa Kempinksi

In a very special bonus episode of The Plotaholics, Shane and Bryan sit down with one of the stars of the new film, The Velocipastor, Alyssa Kempinski.

The Velocipastor tells the story of Doug Jones, a priest that, after losing his parents in a violent car crash, travels to China, where he gains an X-Men-like ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first, Father Jones is, of course, horrified by this new power, but a hooker paying her way through law and medical school (Kempinski) convinces him to use his new power to fight crime. And ninjas.

The Plotaholics LOVE this movie. The Velocipastor knows exactly what it is–absurd, over-the-top fun in the tradition of old midnight movies and grindhouse flicks. If you like your movies and action wild, you’ll love this film. 

And you’ll love Alyssa Kempinski as well. Here, we discuss a ton of topics–from behind-the-scenes stories about the dinosaur suit used in the movie, to how terrible fanboys can be online. 

If you haven’t seen The Velocipastor, you owe it to yourself. Rent it online and watch it IMMEDIATELY, and then come back here and fall in love with the charming Alyssa Kempinski.

Alyssa Kempinski


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