Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 16 – I Am Legend

The Plotaholics wrap up #WillSmithTember

Will Smith-tember is coming to a close! DRY YOUR EYES! We are ending with the gut-punching, adrenalin rush that will have you reciting scenes from Shrek while talking to mannequins! That’s right, I Am Legend wraps up our Will Smith-Tember event and gets us right into October! 

This 2007 post-apocalyptic film stars Will Smith as Dr. Robert Neville, a military scientist tasked with finding the cure for a plague from a mutated cancer cure that turns its victims into vampire-like neanderthals. Neville’s only companion is his German Shepard Sam and his mannequin friends. 

Dr. Neville’s routine is suddenly interrupted when he captures a female infected, which brings the horde of her kinsmen seeking revenge. 

This film brings an amazing performance from Smith through the first two acts. The third? Well…you’ll have to listen to get our thoughts about that. 

Also, there is a large part of this podcast wherein Shane and Bryan are trying to remember what the creatures are called. It should have been cut, but alas, Shane was lazy. Enjoy our bumbling search for answers!

I Am Legend is here! Check it out! 


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