Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 15 – Wild, Wild West

Our Will Smith-Tember event is winding down! This week’s episode is the critically panned, Will Smith film that he chose to do instead of The Matrix, Wild Wild West!

This film, co-starring Kevin Klein and a wasted Salma Hayek follow Jim West (Smith) working with wacky inventor Artimus Gordon (Klein) hunting down a crazed scientist that seeks to retake the United States in the name of the Confederacy! 

Curious about how the Plotaholics felt about this film? Well, they spent a lot of time on other things and stuff. Yeah, the train of thought decided not to live at the station this time around. So listen in, get our thoughts and enjoy the silly rambling of two writers as the writer’s procrastination claims us!

Jim West maybe a desperado, but he’s disgusting having a bath in the town water supply that’s for damn sure!


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1 comment on “Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 15 – Wild, Wild West

  1. Another great podcast; y’all had me cracking up. But y’all forgot the real easy Friends/Salma Hayek connection. Her and Matthew Perry in Fools Rush In!


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