Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 14 – Bad Boys (1995)

The third installment of the Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys For Life,is coming January 2020. With that in mind, and with #WillSmithTember raging on, Shane and Bryan decided “Let’s do the Smith’s first big movie!” So they did. 

This 1995 buddy cop film stars Will Smith (obviously) in his first big-budget starring role alongside Martin Lawrence. Joe Pantoliano, Tea Leoni, Theresa Randle, and Tcheky Karyo co-star in this film about two police officers (Smith and Lawrence) tasked with finding $100 million dollars worth of stolen heroin (their career bust), which was stolen by big-time drug dealer Fouchet (Karyo). 

This Michael Bay explosion fest takes you back to a strangely yellow-tone 1990s Miami. What’s the shot count on this one? You will have to tune in and find out!


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