Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 7 – One Crazy Summer

The Summer of Cusack continues with One Crazy Summer

The Summer of Cusack continues with One Crazy Summer. In the second edition of the Plotaholics Summer of Cusack, we watch One Crazy Summer, starring John Cusack (duh) and a young Demi Moore in this summer romantic comedy. 

Co-starring Bobcat Goldthwait, Joel Murray, Curtis Armstrong, Matt Mulhern, Jeremy Piven, and the great Mark Metcalf (The Master from Buffy The Vampire Slayer), this is a film that is silly, wacky, classic 80s fun! 

Shane makes the case for this film being a masterpiece of cinematic magical realism, even though he kind of forgets he’s doing that by the end. Bryan waxes nostalgic.

Regardless, we definitely go off the rails on this one as we clown it, rip it apart, and just have all kinds of fun. Continue your romp through the Summer of Cusack with One Crazy Summer!

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