Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 6 – High Fidelty

The Summer of Cusack is upon us

The Summer of Cusack has begun! We begin with a personal favorite of Shane Wilson, High Fidelity.

In this 2000 Romantic Dramedy, John Cusack stars as Rob. A new/used record store owner with a strange quandary of employees that include a pre-Shallow Hal Jack Black. Rob and his girlfriend have broken up, and Rob goes on a road of self-discovery to figure out why his relationships end badly. 

The Plotaholics’ Summer of Cusack couldn’t have started any better than it has with this cult classic! Listen to Shane and Bryan as they dissect, laugh, entertain, and inform! This is just the beginning of a summer of awesomeness that can only be focused around ‘Mr. The 80s’ himself!

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