Plotaholics LIVE (6-18-19): DC Universe, E3, Marvel Rumors, Dark Phoenix, and More

The Plotaholics deliver your weekly dose of pop culture

This week, Shane and Bryan play catch-up after having been off for two weeks, and gee-golly has a lot happened. Dark Phoenix had the worst opening for a superhero film in (what feels like) ever; the 1990s animated series, Daria, is getting a spin-off; E3 happened and the Avengers made people feel weird for the first time; Steven Spielberg is making a streaming horror anthology that can only be seen at night; the sequel to The Shining is headed to theaters; and there is all kind of Marvel and DC rumor-mill news.

Finally, the guys talk about how unexcited they are for both Toy Story 4 and the Child’s Play reboot that are headed to theaters this weekend. They do hope for some accidental ticket crossover, though.

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