The Plotaholics Podcast, Episode 5 – Masters of the Universe

“The cult classic???”

This little “gem” from Cannon Films was released in 1987 and stars Dolph Lundgren, fresh off his role as ‘Ivan Dragon’ in Rocky IV, as the hero of the planet Eternia, He-Mana young Courtney Cox as Julie, a young woman planning to leave her hometown for New Jersey (huh?) after her parents’ death months earlier; NCIS: New Orleans actress Chelsea Field as Teela, one of He-Man’s closest allie; the great Billy Barty as Gwildor, a member of a peaceful race of inventors that runs afoul Skeletor’s evil forces; and a film-saving performance by the legendary Frank Langella (Superman Returns, Frost/Nixon) as the villainous Skeletor. 

In this film, the forces of Eternia are being decimated by the forces of Skeletor. He-Man, Man-At-Arms (Jon Cypher), Teela, and Gwildor are brought to Earth where their war continues. 

We are back to having fun after such a heavy-handed episode of Boyz N The Hood. We laugh. We laugh some more. Then we laugh until we cry. 

What rating does Master’s of the Universe get? Well, you’ll just have to listen!

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