The Plotaholics LIVE (5-21-19)

This week, Shane and Bryan discuss the new, sparkling caped-crusader, Robert Pattinson, who we think will probably be just fine and you can just go and shut up about it. No one needs your hot take on how he was in Twilight. We know. You aren’t original.

We also discuss Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, which I think looks kind of badass.

Will Avengers pass Avatar in the global box office? Will it pass The Force Awakens in the domestic box office? Does anyone else notice how Endgame was EVERYTHING a month ago, and now we’ve all moved on so easily? Life is like that, I suppose. So it is.

There is a ton of movie news and television news, and you’ll want to stick around for this week’s theatrical release round-up.

Finally, Bryan gives us his thoughts on John Wick 3 (with mild spoilers).

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