Plotaholics LIVE – Game of Thrones Finale Preshow

Join The Plotaholics with special guest Katie Salidas for a discussion of the divisive eighth season of Game of Thrones. The trio discuss their favorite moments from the series before the discussion turns to how the last season is winding down.

What’s up with Jaime Lannister? Was he always a piece of shit? Or was he once a peice of shit who learned to not be so shitty but decided that shitty was the way he wanted to go out? And what about Dany? She burned down a whole damn city because her nephew wouldn’t sling a wiener at her. And the Night King? Who even was that? I’ve already forgotten all about him.

The Plotaholics introduce their Drinking Game Correspondent, Michelle, who offers a guide to getting hammered during the finale. If you ever find yourself rewatching GoT, feel free to play this Game of Thrones Drinking Game! Bonus points if you drink for every family crest in the opening title sequence, which we realized are essentially used like bullet points next to the names of the cast and crew.

Finally, The Plotaholics offer their predictions for the season finale, which has already aired by now, so you can laugh at all of us for being wrong, except for Bryan, who was basically right.

Stay tuned for Shane and Bryan’s final thoughts on last night’s finale! We promise you won’t have to wait for our review for as long as you had to wait for Tyrion to wake up at the end of last night’s episode.

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