Game of Thrones Series Finale: A Plotaholic Review

Hi Plotaholics! Bryan here.

Before I get too deep into this article, let me get this out of the way in regards to Sunday night’s Game of Thrones series finale: I essentially called every aspect of this episode. No. Seriously. I did. Check out the Plotaholics LIVE Game of Thrones Series Finale episode on our YouTube channel and Facebook page with special guest Katie Salidas on May 19, 2019.

Yes. I called it.

With that being said, what do I think about this episode from the fan side of things? I enjoyed it, especially since I called the majority of what happened. As a writer, I watch with a little bit more scrutiny and have stronger and more specific thoughts on how this overall season has gone from a story perspective, and even more specifically, how this episode went.

With that being said, SPOILER ALERT!

Let’s talk about what I liked from a fan and from an author’s perspective:

Jon Snow kills Daenerys Targaryen

As a writer and as a fan, I felt like this was the only way to go. You figure Arya already got her moment in the Westeros sun when she killed the Night King (don’t get me started). It seems to me this was the only thing that could happen with Daenerys, as she had already gone nuts and killed the majority of the people in King’s Landing, even after their surrender. Throw in the fact that Jon is the only one that could get close enough to do the deed and this just works.

Jon Snow Returns to the Night’s Watch

Again, I see this is a good idea. Jon Snow doesn’t really fit as a “ruler” type of trope. He’s too simple of a guy–too mellow, and too unassuming. He’s a peaceful warrior-type. He’s not a king. If Jon Snow were to become King, he would have ended up being Robert Baratheon all over again.

Tyrion Lannister’s Ending

Let me say this right from the door: Peter Dinklage is THE MVP of Game of Thrones this season. He has remained true to his character from Episode 1 to the end of the series. Even with his scheming, “drinking and knowing things”, whoring, and being the Hand, he is what he has always been: intelligent, crafty, witty, and he commands our respect. His coming up with the idea of how to elect future Kings and Queens and even being forced to serve as Hand to the King for the rest of his life–it all just works for him. Plus, he’s the last Lannister standing in King’s Landing. He’s the ultimate winner of the Game of Thrones.

The North Becomes Independent

This is the only way that Winterfell could go. The Starks were the main constant of this world, and Sansa had among the most major story arcs of the entire series. There is no reason for her to ever have to “bend the knee” to anyone ever again. She went from spoiled, annoying little wannabe, to a true Queen.

Edmure Tully


The Concept of the Monarchy

Now this is a great idea that could only come from the mind of Tyrion Lannister. Making the position of King a position of service instead of a birthright means that the hierarchy of Westeros have learned–and will continue to learn–from their mistakes.  


Now here’s what I hated about the episode from an author’s perspective;

Bran Stark Becomes King

What in the actual $@*!? Why? Why? %@$& WHY? What in the hell has he really contributed over the course of the show? He drove Hodor to insanity from the future to the past and…oh God that’s as confusing as an Endgame timeline! He became the Three Eyed Raven and then what? ‘Hey Theon–while you fight zombies around me, I’m going to just, you know, go somewhere and do nothing.’ No! He’s so unlikeable and just…ugh. I’m not saying he won’t make a great King, but more could have been done, in my opinion, to make this not feel like such a blah appointment.

Jon Snow Kills the Queen, Gets to be Locked Up

Ok. How in the hell did Jon Snow kill Dany and have time over weeks to just sit and stew? Who had the presence of thought among Dany’s people to say ‘Hey if we kill him, we start a new war?’ certainly not Grey Worm who was willing to just kill and risk the Unsullied vs. the Armies of the North. So who decided to capture and incarcerate Jon until the little get together? Did he lock himself up? A citizen’s arrest? Ugh!

Edmure Tully

Ha. Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why are you even allowed to talk? Why are you even there?

‘Bran Can’t Father Children’

Says who, doctor? Oh I’m sorry! I forgot you had a degree in medicine!


So, in closing (as this has already gone a lot longer than I intended it to), this series finale isn’t without its problems; however, it is much better than the rest of this season has been. The cast did an amazing job with what they were given, even with the lazy writing and storytelling.

I also think that this is as far as it should go, television wise. No spinoffs, no nothing else. Let George R. R. Martin write the ending and leave it at that. Let Westeros go into the West where the maps end and leave it at that.


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